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Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture (Design for Manufacturability, Design for Manufacturing, DFM) is an engineering process that involves the study and review of a design of a product, confirming that it can be easily, and efficiently manufactured. By facilitating the process of DFM, you can significantly improve a variety of factors including:

  • reliability
  • performance
  • customer acceptance
  • quality
  • product unit cost
  • production line cost
  • investment in capital assets to built test, configure and inspect the product shipping and fulfillment costs

Design for Manufacture is a critical process that we undertake with our client projects to ensure that cost objectives are met and that performance expectations are respected. It involves weighing each system and its elements to achieve the utmost manufacturing efficiency for the least cost while meeting the product’s performance specifications and life cycle. In the DFM process, many factors are analyzed, including:

  • Product Type
  • Form Factor
  • Tolerances
  • Analysis of subtractive and additive processes
  • Yield-Loss Parameters
  • Failure Rate Reduction
  • Testing Requirements
  • Material and manufacturing process flows

To extract the maximum benefit from a Design for Manufacture cycle, staff must be knowledgeable in several engineering fields and disciplines including parts sourcing, machinery capability, test methodologies, cost analysis, parts form factoring and industrial design to name just a few. The team at BCTINT brings together all of these disciplines for you, thus yielding optimum DFM results for your product or system. We offer these services to our clients as part of the contracting process, and also as an extra service for those companies wishing a 3rd party audit of their DFM capabilities.

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