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Helping Businesses Build


Our team principals are seasoned design and manufacturing engineers and subject matter experts with a long and proven track record in the technology and manufacturing sectors. In the late seventies, several of our leaders were instrumental in putting Mitel Corporation on the world map by manufacturing several ground-breaking systems. Their work was critical in launching several affiliates and off-shore manufacturing facilities in Asia.

In the 80’s these same principals played a key role in design and manufacturing for Newbridge Networks, which was ultimately acquired by Lucent-Alcatel and then Nokia. In the nineties, BCTINT resources launched several technology spin-offs and formed the Ridgeway Research Corporation (RRC), a specialty design, cost reduction and manufacturing firm that ultimately supplied a plethora of services to medium and large companies in electronics, gaming, high-technology, metering and several other fields and industries. RRC was ultimately acquired by Breconridge Manufacturing, after which BCTINT was founded.

Our principals are subject matter experts in design, manufacturing, fulfillment and quality improvement, with years of experience and a proven track record including a list of patents, inventions and awards. Throughout their careers they have been recognized for their no-nonsense, practical approach to design and manufacturing and continue to carry this cornerstone of sound business practice to this day.