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Cost Reduction Services

BCTINT staff has years of cost reduction experience to offer its clients. This expertise was accumulated through several decades of design and manufacturing that witnessed the commoditization of electronic products and technology on a broad scale. Its principals experienced – first hand – the downward pressures on technology pricing, fast product turnarounds, increases in density and complexity, outsourcing and miniaturization. The net outcome of these experiences is that our subject matter experts can offer you a wealth of cost reduction knowledge in electronics, mechanical design and value engineering:

Electronics Design

  • Design for test at onset
  • Parts count reduction through higher integration
  • Alternative part selection
  • Alternative function implementation
  • Embedding of controller hardware, firmware and software development
  • Redesign services
  • Cost reduction via quality improvement including shipping, out-of-box and in-warranty failures

Mechanical Design

  • Optimization in die casting, plastic injection, sheet metal fabrication design
  • Selection of casting materials and processes
  • Design for cost and manufacture though proper selection of materials, fabrication processes and mold designs
  • Analysis of shipping and usage (shock, temperature, vibration, stacking and shipping standards)

Value Engineering

  • Value analysis in the selection of materials, processes and assembly technologies
  • Manufacturability reviews
  • Product-centric logistics
  • Inspection services
  • Lifecycle management
  • Materials Requirements Planning

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