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Logistics & Processes

BCTINT takes pride in the logistics and processes it has established to ensure customer satisfaction, quality products and on time, service delivery. These have been created through many years of product launch experience within our staff and our supply base. If you are unsure of how to deal with a particular logistics or process related to the manufacturing of products, talk to us. We can provide you with consulting expertise allowing you more opportunity to focus on your core competencies.

Here is an example of our New Product Introduction process for a mechanical piece part.

Scope Definition
Every project begins with detailed scoping documents. These documents detail all specification requirements, design issues, critical-to-quality items, these are required prior to project commencement.

We formally quote all piece part, assembly, engineering and value-added activities upon provision of 2D and 3D drawings (subject to a manufacturability review). Quotations are valid for 30 days after issue.

Prototype and First Piece Inspection
The culmination of the Design phase is the prototype or First Piece Inspection (FPI) pieces for review and approval. During this phase a tangible representation of your piece part is available for testing, review and approval. In addition to prototyping, we specialize in hard tooling of parts, from prototype through production.

Product Launch
We offer a proven methodology for product and piece part launch which will vary slightly depending on order quantities.

Once a purchase order is submitted the initial build phase, or First Piece Inspection, BCTINT tests the manufacturability of the design and product through a low quantity build and makes any necessary changes to achieve production efficiency and quick time to market. Depending on order size, a typical run consists of anywhere between 10 and 100 pieces.

If the order is larger, greater than 10K, the first mass produced product delivered to the client’s door for review and final approval will be larger. These builds are usually 250 to 1,000 pieces.

To ensure consistent quality, BCTINT Limited audits every shipment before it leaves the factory. This ensures that the product you receive will be the product you ordered without any unnecessary or unexpected delays.

Delivery and Fulfillment Logistics and Processes

In several instances we have helped clients sort their manufacturing fulfillment by improving material requirements planning cycles, inventory management, order planning, shipping and customs clearance. If you are inexperienced in these areas, talk to us about improving your manufacturing fulfillment logistics and processes.

An assigned customer service representative ensures goods are delivered to your freight forwarder for the next available ship date.

Our service also includes scheduling of outgoing goods inspections, schedule of freight pick up, contacting freight forwarders to arrange delivery of goods and customs paperwork including Proforma Invoices and Statements of Origin.

Building in Asia? Here are some tips for you.

Delivery Timelines from Asia to North America are typically as follows:

  • Air Priority – 5-7 business days
  • Air Consolidated – 10-12 business days
  • Ocean – 7 weeks standard, 8-10 weeks during peak seasons

Select a forwarder that moves freight frequently from the Port of Hong Kong to North America ensuring your goods are shipped and received in a timely fashion.

Contact us to discuss your specific logistics and processes. We can help.