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Plastics & Metalwork

Our team has decades of subject matter expertise related to plastics and metalwork. Many of our industrial design products are award winners. With offices in North America, and the Far East we can accommodate most any need, from basic consumer products to premium and mission-critical devices. Our manufacture for design team can assist you with a variety of supplementary services including:

plastics design, tooling and procurement

metalwork, including metal stamping, die casting and CNC machining

cost reduction and quality improvement services and consulting

design for manufacturing (DFM) services

quality improvement services

One of our specialties is plastics and metalwork sourcing for custom and specialty applications in small to medium volume. Whereas many suppliers shun small quantity plastics and metalwork sourcing, we thrive on it, and apply our expertise to ensure the best solutions at the most economical price, regardless of volume. In many instances we can also locate off-the-shelf housings and piece parts and modify these to suit your needs.







Not sure where to start with your plastics and metalwork needs?

Contact Us and we’ll let you know how best we can help.