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Our team has many years of subject matter expertise related to plastics design, tooling, injection molding, extrusions and complex plastic assemblies. If you have a need that requires plastics of any kind for a consumer or commercial product, contact us. With offices in North America and the Far East we can accommodate most any application, from basic consumer products to premium and mission-critical devices. Our manufacturing team can assist you with a variety of supplementary services including:

  • tool optimization based on your product’s lifecycle
  • cost-quality-performance trade-offs and analysis
  • plastics assembly optimization
  • packaging/final packaging
  • plastics selection
  • toolmaker review and evaluation
  • off-the-shelf sourcing
  • tool lifecycle planning

Material into the mold

Part ejected from the mold


We are experienced with a full range of plastics related services:

  • commodity and engineered resins
  • co-injection, over molding
  • gas assist ejection
  • Post processing including heat staking, assembly, color pad printing, and packaging


Our Design for Manufacture services are ideal if you are new to plastic assemblies. In many instances, manufacturing complexity and cost can be reduced through proper planning and design of your molds. Similarly, we have been able to improve product quality in terms of in-warranty returns and out-of-box failures by ensuring proper packaging and product protection during shipping.







Contact us to discuss your plastics, extrusion and injection molding needs.