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Why Choose BCTINT

BCTINT Limited’s combined service and experience is not measured in years but in decades. Our staff has been working in manufacturing, engineering and associated disciplines for many years combined. We represent many, many, years of experience in manufacturing, cost reduction and quality improvement. Our goal is to help businesses realize the financial, organizational and productivity benefits of off-shore manufacturing in Asia, by connecting you to the right custom manufacturers in China.

A common misconception is that off-shore manufacturing implies a decrease in product quality. This in fact is patently false. Rather, the quality of a product, wherever it is manufactured, will be a function of how it is specified by the client. Off-shore manufacturers are fully capable of designing and manufacturing products to the highest quality and performance standards.

Cost Savings vary depending on the manufacturing process, the level of automation or labor in the process, the lead-time, the volumes, and the availability of skilled labor from qualified factories. For example, tooling is cheaper in China, but only if you have experienced tooling engineers on the ground in China working through the tool development process. We have these engineers with the proper skills and capabilities in our Hong Kong and China offices.

The same cost-benefit analysis applies with die casting, sheet metal and electronics. Through a proven Asian supply base, BCTINT Limited is able to provide quality cost reduced products compared to North American piece part pricing, and we have the experience to guide you through the process and explain where the savings are.

If your company does not have the level of business to justify the infrastructure required for off-shore manufacturing and sourcing but still seeks the cost benefits of going offshore, BCTINT Limited can meet that need by becoming your manufacturing partner. Our focal point is in serving small and medium sized businesses with supply needs as low as a few hundred units to tens of thousands.

Choose BCTINT and see how we can help you achieve your goals.