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Helping Businesses Build


We protect the privacy of our clients and as such do not publish client lists. However, we are allowed to discuss certain client projects, outcomes and case studies with you under non-disclosure. In addition, we have several generic case studies and outcomes that we can share face-to face.

Clients served by BCTINT come from the following industries

  • general technology
  • computerized devices
  • telecommunications
  • telephony
  • gaming
  • real estate
  • industrial metering
  • woodworking
  • schools and institutions
  • residential and commercial construction
  • air filtration and air quality

The products we have developed range from simple consumables to fully contained systems and supporting peripherals. Our experts can provide you with a full gamut of value added services, in addition to a la carte services such as parts sourcing, tooling and fulfillment services.

Contact us to discuss your industry and its specific requirements.